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About Me

Hey everyone!

My name is Joshua Woodard. I am a writer, an aspiring author, a gamer (both PC and table top), a husband, and a follower of Jesus. I am a nerd when it comes to Star Wars or Stargate and I love to read. I am currently wrapping up my B.S. in Geology at Olivet Nazarene University and I am enrolled to pursue a M.A. in Old Testament Studies at Biola University.

I always enjoyed the sciences in school. I loved how science could be used as a tool to help explain the world around us. In addition to this, I was also a rock hound. I would pick up any stone that was shiny or interesting and add it to my collection. I didn’t always know what each one was called, but it was fun.

It wasn’t until high school that I really began having conversations where science and my faith as a Christian began to mix, er, not mix. Many individuals, whether it was a teacher, a pastor, friend, etc, told me many different things when it came to topics such as the theory of evolution or biblical topics. I had always been taught to do my own research and never take something as fact just because someone had said it, regardless of the individual’s authority or position.

This led me into the field of apologetics, or providing a defense for the Christian faith and the Bible. This field often carries the negative connotation of “pseudoscience” or “fundamentalist.” Many individuals see Apologists as people who are just blindly following dogma and refuse to catch up with modern science. I didn’t want to be one of those people. I wanted to have a reason for what I thought and believed. I wanted to be able to back up my thoughts with evidence. From here, my childhood love of rocks led me into the field of geology. In college, I fell in love with the geosciences. Earth is an amazing place! I began to teach as a Teaching Assistant for several classes, including introductory geology, structural geology, and mineralogy.

While at Olivet, I was exposed to many different ideas, again, when it came to evolution, many in support of it. This only spurred me on further to do more research and thinking. In addition to this, I was challenged in many of my traditional views of the Bible as well. I began studying Hebrew and the Old Testament more purposefully. Something began to frustrate me, though. When I did my research, I always discovered plentiful evidence against the “mainstream” ideas that my professors and colleagues preached. Each time I had experienced a new thought, whether it was a view of science, evolution, the Bible, etc, I was always only given one side. It was up to me to look into the opinions of others.

So, carrying my passion for teaching and learning with me, I hope to eventually become a professor. I’d love to teach a class on faith and science issues. Don’t hear me wrong: I don’t want to just push apologetics on other people. No, rather I would like to provide a class that presents all sides of every topic, including evolution. I want the students to see the evidence for and against each theory, research it, discuss it, and then for them to decide for themselves. These conversations are important and, unfortunately, are often discouraged. I’m tired of us just giving one-sided, biased teachings.

So, welcome to my mind and my thoughts! Hopefully you can learn something new, pass on some knowledge, and enjoy a discussion. Lets explore some thoughts together.


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